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When you dream of an education system that supports all learners, what do you imagine? We want you to join the conversation. Join us as we dream together through DreamEd.

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7 days ago

“Like it or not, our learners - adult learners and kid learners - are really motivated and self-directed. It speaks to me about what then does public education need to do to facilitate that for kids who have the capacity already - whether it is capital, the ability to, people to resource them - or kids who could do it if they had those opportunities? That’s where public education can really level the playing field.”
The role of public education is to create milestones, opportunities and resources to close gaps and create the learning environment and opportunities for all students to be successful. Camille Williams-Taylor, Director of Education, Durham District School Board, believes that the approaches to public education should be flexible to support student achievement and well-being. Schools are spaces that need to reflect the diversity of learners and communities it supports and build communities.
Williams-Taylor suggests it is important to expand our thinking about the possibility of what school spaces might look like and how to create the flexibility that is needed and necessary to close gaps and remove economic and social barriers to education so that all students can graduate and be prepared for their future pathways. The impact of this thinking will exponentially influence our communities and will reinforce community-building efforts.
“We need to get comfortable with the notion of one person, one conversation, one classroom, one student, one experience at a time,” says Williams-Taylor. 
Join the conversation between Waterloo Region District School Board Director jeewan chanicka and Camille Williams-Taylor as they discuss the future of the education system. Dream with us at WRDSB as we work to transform the possibilities and potential for public education.

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